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Aims and Scope

APD Trove Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under APD SKEG Pte Ltd that publishes high quality student research in all areas of disciplines ranging from science to humanities. This journal provides a training ground for academic publishing, and also makes quality work performed by students available to both students, professionals and general public.

The student journal accepts full research articles, application notes, reviews, opinions, and correspondences that range from the research projects (that can include final year research projects, other research projects, industrial year (placement) projects, summer vacation projects and internship) of secondary/high school, tertiary, undergraduate, postgraduate PhD projects in all disciplines.

List of articles

Editorial: APD Trove Journal – scope, aims, and purpose
Author: Samuel Ken-En Gan
Published on: 01/03/2018

Research Article
Drug discovery targeting NS2B-NS3 proteases from dengue and Zika viruses
Author: Chan KF et al
Published on: 30/08/2018


How do I submit a manuscript?

1. Speak to your supervisor/academic sponsor about the work you wish to submit and obtain their permission.

2. Format your manuscript according to the template depending on the type of manuscript that you are submitting.

3. Please submit your manuscript through our website Psychvey. Please create an account and submit your manuscript under the Survey ID = SGan__SRVY10 as well as email studentjournal@apdskeg.com with the subject "Submission to APD Trove Journal".

Your manuscript will be considered by the Editorial Board and if suitable will be reviewed by at least two academic reviewers. We endeavour to give you feedback on your manuscript within 6-10 weeks.

We will also consider previously reviewer comments/external marker comments for peer review. In fact, this hastens the procedure. Please submit them together with your manuscript. For full details, see our Submission Guidelines page.

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