Application Notes

Yeo KJY et al

Polytechnic/Undergraduate Publication

Application Notes: Wound Education App - Providing digitized wound care information on-the-go.

Published on 25 October 2019


Proper wound management minimizes adverse developments in open skin wounds, making the dissemination of information vital for good wound management. Booklets can be a reliable source of such information but have many limitations as printed copies. To address this, smartphone applications can easily aggregate coloured information from multiple booklets, serving as a better alternative. For this purpose, we created the Wound Education app to consolidate wound care information from multiple clinical booklets from the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre. The application was developed for both Android and iOS smartphones and displays a list of different wound conditions to the user. The information is also cached to allow for off-line access. Also included is a feature to direct the user to their nearest dermatologist. The Wound Education app is a freely available application on both the Google Play store and Apple app stores, aimed to empower patients to take greater charge of their own wound care.


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