Application Notes

Ong NB et al

Polytechnic/Undergraduate Publication

Application Notes: AI-based Research Grant Audits - A* Grant Audit Flagging System (A*GAFS)

Published on 09 January 2020


The spending of public funds for research requires the auditing process for accountability, in which, the line items of expenditures are matched to the broad categories requested at the proposal stage. Given the long lists, the auditing process is highly tedious. With automation as a solution, the “A* Grant Audit Flagging System” (A*GAFS) was created for automated matching of approved items. Utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and allowing customizations to thresholds on stringencies, A*GAFS flags out the possible non-fundable purchases by highlight and comments. This application allows the automated comparison of expenditures with the requested item in the grant proposal to minimize manual labor where hired staff, dates, and items would all be screened. A*GAFS is a standalone application compatible on both Windows and MAC OS.


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